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Here some valuable tips on what to do if you suspect your hard drive has crashed.

Before you do ANYTHING else, TURN THE DRIVE OFF, LEAVE IT OFF and get it to us. If we can't recover your data, there is No FEE!*

Image Be careful who you let attempt recovery of your drive. The FIRST attempt at recovery is always the most promising attempt. Most of the time when we cannot recover a drive it is because lesser skilled "technicians" have poked and prodded the drive before we get it. The first time you power on a hard drive after it has crashed may be the LAST time it comes up.

It may be very tempting to let your "computer savvy" neighbor or relative attempt data recovery on your sick drive. DON'T DO IT. Typically these attempts do nothing more than make recovery by a data recovery expert VERY DIFFICULT or IMPOSSIBLE.

Determine if the problem is a physical one. If you deleted a file, many times we can help. If the drive isn't making any funny noises you're probably going to be able to see your data again as cheaply as possible. If you see smoke coming out of your hard drive, or hear strange noises, chances are you've got bigger problems. TURN IT OFF AND CALL US or fill out our authorization form to get started now.

Listen. If the drive is making a clicking, whirring, or grinding noise, TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY. This sound is usually caused by the heads impacting the platters, and drives that continue to operate under such conditions are less likely to be recovered. Those that are still recoverable after suffering such abuse are likely to cost more, sometimes in the thousands of dollars.

Don't panic. It's understandable to be stressed out after a hard drive crash, but acting irrationally can make the problem worse. Some people physically abuse their computers after a crash. DriveSavers has seen hard drives that were shot, dropped, hit with a baseball bat and worse. THIS WON'T HELP!

Do you have INSURANCE?

Insurance may cover your data recovery bill

The quicker you fill out the authorization form, the quicker you will see your data.

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