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The Go-To Data Recovery Experts

Our partnership with our clean room data recovery associates allows us to position Crashed Hard Drive Recovery as the go-to data recovery providers in the markets we serve. Based on the name of the company, Crashed Hard Drive Recovery, a very strong Google presence in our target markets and automatic business by simply 'being' nearby. People want to deal with a local company when they lose their data. CHDR delivers results or charges its customers nothing. It is a magical combination to build trust and revenue with your market area.

The Crashed Hard Drive Recovery Story

Crashed Hard Drive Recovery started out as a Google experiment to see if having a domain name that *is* a search phrase would have an impact on search engine driven traffic to the web site.

It did.

Since then when folks in our service area look for data recovery in their city, they find us. Most of the time it looks like CHDR is the only local provider there is.

A moderate to expert knowledge of computer software and hardware is all you need to duplicate the success of Crashed Hard Drive Recovery in your market. Simply owning that name in your target market is all you need to clean up on data recovery leads. A CHDR franchise could be a kiosk, a storefront or even a home based business. The model is very flexible and adaptable to what makes the most sense.

Celebrating six years since our founding in 2006, we have pioneered the business offering local data recovery service. People want to speak to the person that will save their data in person and CHDR provides that.

We’re looking for passionate technology advocates to leverage our proven system.

We would like to explore the possibilities of you being our next franchisee. Fill out our Preliminary Franchise Application.

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